About Us

The Atherton Food Co-op is a community driven ‘not for profit’ cooperative supported by a team of dedicated and much valued volunteers, a shop manager and over 250 members (and growing).

We are governed by a voluntary board of directors, elected by members, who are responsible for the big decisions as well as by our Cooperative Rules (approved by the Registrar- Queensland Office of Fair Trading and governed by the Co-operatives National Law and the Co-operatives National Regulations).

The Co-op aims to promote a healthier lifestyle by providing organic, biodynamic and local food at reasonable prices whilst providing support and education to our members and community. 

Registered in 2010, as Tablelands Biodynamic & Organic Farmers Co-op Ltd., the then Co-op was formed from the need of local organic and biodynamic producers for a central place to showcase and sell their nutrient dense locally produced fresh food. The Co-op continues to serve this purpose. 

To support our local community the Co-op became a not for profit cooperative in 2017. Profits earned go back into the shop to improve its facilities and are shared with other community groups and selected individuals in our local community

The shop is a welcoming community hub that provides a safe and nurturing space for locals of all abilities to volunteer and gain retail experience.

The Co-op offers small-scale local organic and biodynamic producers an affordable “Approved Suppliers Program’ (which follows the National Organic Standards) allowing ‘Co-op Approved’ in-store recognition.

Our friendly volunteers are happy to serve and answer questions about any of our products. If you have tasted an amazing organic or biodynamic treat or food item please let us know and we can endeavour to stock it!

The cooperative services an area of approximately 47,452 square kilometers with customers, suppliers and producers from the Atherton Tablelands, Cape York Peninsula, the Cairns Region, south to Townsville and rural & remote areas as far west as Mount Surprise.

We look forward to meeting you In Store!