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Our products are picked with care and our emphasis is on organic, biodynamic & local. Where possible we support fair trade organisations that support their workers and communities. We stock organic & biodynamic fresh fruit and vegetables as well as local produce from over 25 Co-op approved suppliers.

As well as fresh organic & biodynamic fruit and vegetables the Co-op stocks frozen meats, fish, berries and vegetables; breads; dairy products; slices and snacks; herbs and spices and local honey.
We also stock a variety of pantry staples, cleaning products, eco-friendly personal care items & items for avid gardeners including seeds and seaweed fertiliser.

For your family’s wellbeing we have eco-friendly personal care and everything you need to create and maintain a healthy home.

We have re-fill stations for honey, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup, and My Habitat cleaning and personal care products so we can provide these items at cheaper prices to our customers, to encourage recycling and reduce waste.


Year round, our display cabinets are a rainbow of lush, nutrient dense, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. Our produce is sourced from local certified organic farmers; over 25 Co-op Approved suppliers who are passionate local backyard and small-holding growers; plus, we have twice weekly deliveries of fresh certified organic produce from our southern suppliers. We also have weekly deliveries of free range local biodynamic eggs from Bushy Creek Farm and biodynamic dairy products from Mungalli Creek Dairy.


We have a range of Mungalli Biodynamic dairy products, cheeses (cows, goats, sheep) as well as dairy-free cheeses and yogurts. Ready to eat dips, a selection of tofu, tempeh, pro & pre-biotic fermented vegetables as well as drinks, juices, local bush fruit kombucha from Rainforest Bounty & coconut water and a few sweet treats too!


For all your pantry needs we have: rice, pulses, flour & muesli (pre-order bulk quantities of any flour or grains), pasta & noodles (gluten free options available), nuts, seeds and dried fruit, tea & coffee including our locally made GruntTea, dried herbs, spices, salts, local miso from Ikkyu Foods, seaweeds & tamari. Local raw honey is available in bulk (bring your own jars) as well as other sweeteners including maple, cane and coconut sugars.
We also stock a range of non- dairy milks including oat, almond, rice, soya and coconut. Sweet and savoury snacks, tinned goods, broths, stock, gelatins, oils, vinegars and condiments.


Our well stocked freezers are full of organic / local regeneratively-raised beef; certified organic lamb from Sherwood Organic Meats; chicken (including frames for making that wonderful health generating stock): fish that is wild hand-caught and sustainably harvested in the Gulf of Carpentaria & when available we stock sustainably harvested Canadian red salmon. We also have, handmade pies and ready-to-eat meals, falafels, ice-cream’s & deserts, frozen fruit, vegetables & berries, breads – local & gluten free options.


We stock a small range of body and home care products that are natural, non-toxic, allergy free offering personal care options that care for the environment without resorting to toxic chemicals. We carry the full My Habitat toxin free living product range so you can buy pre-packaged or bring your own containers for refills.


For your garden we have a range of Eden and Select Organic Seeds include varieties suited to the many micro-climates on the Tablelands, the coast and inland drylands: vegetables, herbs & flowers for companion planting and pollinator attraction. We re-stock for each season of your garden and have a range of seaweed fertilisers.

For more information about our products, please visit our store. Our volunteers are always happy to assist you.